complete line to produce potato chips for sale capacity: 450 kg/h origin: Heat&Control After rice, wheat and maize, the potato is one of the most important food in the world. One hundred grams of potato contain only 70kcal. But the potato but has impor-              tant nutrients.              It has a high content              of vitamin C. The potato Welcome in the world of potatoes! They are yellow, red, blue or ... They are round, oval, or they occur in other, quite bizarre, shapes. And they are more than 8,000 years old - the potatoes. The potatoes are also called "Gold of the Incas", because their origin is South America.    From about the year 1100, the Incas began to grow potatoes on a large scale.  Today, the species diversity is virtually unlimited. More than 4,200 different varieties of   potatoes at the International Potato Center (CIP), Lima (Peru) are registered.  There are many anecdotes how the potato came to Europe. The most likely thing is that   Spanish sailors who sailed off the coast of South America, use of potatoes as food and   then brought them to Spain. From here the potatoes were  distributed in Europe. Currently estimated at about 326 million tonnes potatoes   grown worldwide, rising tendency. The largest potato   producer is China with 72 million tonnes annually. Germany   is, with an annual production of about 11.5 million tons,   after China, Russia, India, USA, Ukraine and Poland on   place 7.  We want to show you which products you can make from   potatoes and which equipments you need.  Quelle: BOGK is © by MAEHNERT-Germany 2002/2024                   ---                    contact 
Our current offers of potato processing equipments: used potato chips line, 650 kg/h - very good condition ---- used Kuiper's pellet fryer ---- used potato chips line, 400 kg/h --- used French fries line, 1,500 kg/h --- used line to produce fried extruder snacks (Maddox/Heat&Control) --- starch recovery and water reuse system --- Further information about these equipments as well as other offers you find on "equipments/plants" or ask us - e-mail: