www.potatoworld.de is © by MAEHNERT-Germany 2002/2024 We offer on behalf of our partner: brand new line to produce French fries capacity: 500kg/h finished product A. PREPARATORY SECTION 1. BATCH PEELERS – 2 Nos. - For peeling of graded and washed potatoes in batches with minimum peel losses. - Batch Size 20 Kg/3min. - Manual loading of pre weighed quantity of potatoes. - Peeled potatoes to be carried manually to the Hopper of Elevator. 2. INCLINED ELEVATOR - For feeding peeled potatoes into the buffer tank. - Flighted PVC belt. 3. FRENCH FRY CUTTER Choice of this equipment can be finalized and included in over all project supplies after knowing the specs of the finished product required. 4. DEWATERING & INSPECTION TABLE - Contact parts of stainless steel construction. - S.S wire mesh belt. B. PROCESSING SECTION 5. DRUM BLANCHER - For leaching out sugar and for pre-blanching. - Variable Speed Drive for blanching time control. - Pneumatic steam regulation valves for control of blanching temperature. - Pump circulation for even blanching. 6. BELT DRIER WITH AIR KNIFE - Air-knife at intake removes surface water on the blanched strips before Drying. - For Drying the strips before Frying to get required structure - Sanitary belt in SS Wiremesh. 7. MULTI-FLOW FRYING SYSTEM Comprising:- a) Continuous fryer b) Circulating pump unit c) Continuous belt filter d) Oil Top-up box. e) Heat Exchanger for heating oil. f) Transport pump unit. g) External tubing and valves between the above mentioned items. 8. AMBIENT COOLING CONVEYOR - For the cooling of hot partially fried French fries to ambient temperature. - As an option, pre cooling belt with a blast from Freezer, can be given at an extra cost. 9. VIBRATORY FEEDER - For Transfer of product to Freezer. 10. CONTROL PANEL - Mild steel, epoxy-coated body. - Electrical control panel with starters, and protective devices. - Temperature controller and indicators wherever applicable. C. FREEZING SECTION 11. Flow IQF Freezer Qty : 1 No. inquiry