www.potatoworld.de is © by MAEHNERT-Germany 2002/2021 We offer on behalf of our partner: brand new line to produce French fries capacity: 1,000kg/h finished product EXCLUSIONS To be purchased locally or recommended for direct purchase from reputed suppliers, as per our requirements 1. Potato Grader. 2. French Fry cutter 3. Grader for finished product. 4. IQF Freezer. 5. Packaging machine for frozen products 6. Cold store (-20ºC) for storage for packed frozen French Fries. 7. Refrigeration plant for Freezer, Cold Store, chilled water supply etc. 8. Steam Boiler, Air compressor, Weighbridge, Thermic Fluid Heater Heat Exchanger, etc. 9. Air, Water, Steam, Thermic Fluid Pipe line to & between the equipments. 10. Staircases, platforms, Railings etc. 11. All electrical cabling and wiring to and between the control panel and equipments. 12. Water treatment, effluent treatment and wastage collection and disposal system. 13. Complete civil and foundation work 14. Labor and material handling equipment for unloading, marshalling and positioning of equipments. 15. Laboratory equipments 16. Potato Storage, Edible oil storage, Fuel storage facilities etc. 17. All approvals and sanctions from local authorities. 18. Anything not specifically mentioned in the proposal. equipment list  1. INFEED ELEVATOR  2. DESTONER  3. ABRASSIVE PEELER  4. ROLLER INSPECTION TABLE  5. BUFFER TANK WITH ELEVATOR  6. FRENCH FRY CUTTER  7. DEWATERING SHAKER  8. SLIVER REMOVER  9. NUBBIN REMOVER 10. INSPECTION CONVEYOR 11. ELEVATOR 12. BLANCHER - 1 13. BLANCHER - 2 14. DIPPING ELEVATOR 15. INFEED SHAKER 16. BELT DRYER 17. EQUILIBRATION BELT 18. INFEED SHAKER 19. MULTI-FLOW FRYING SYSTEM Comprising:- a) Continuous fryer b) Circulating pump unit c) Continuous Fat Filter d) Day tank with level control e) Automatic Temperature Controller f) Mechanical Hood Lifting g) CIP(Cleaning in place system) 20. DEFATTING SHAKER 21. AMBIENT COOLING BELT 22. FREEZER FEED ELEVATOR 23. CONTROL PANEL inquiry